• The alpha testnet for Chrysalis phase 2 has proven to be very stable as external audits begin.
  • A “full Coordicide solution” is expected to be implemented by the end of the first quarter.

As Jakub Cech, the technical director of the IOTA Foundation, revealed in a new blog post, the IOTA Foundation seems to be gradually in the home stretch for the release of Chrysalis phase 2. With Chrysalis phase 1 already deployed on the mainnet in August 2020 and a first alpha version of phase 2 released in mid-December, the predicted “early 2021” release is getting closer and closer.

According to Cech, the development team is currently working on the full implementation of IOTA 1.5, also known as Chrysalis phase 2. As part of the testing of the alpha version, the IOTA Foundation has been “testing various components, such as the Node software or the various libraries in the testnet” within the last three weeks. Regarding the results, Cech stated:

The testnet proved to be incredibly stable over the testing period and we are excited to be extending it with additional features soon.

As for the progress of individual components, Cech went on to write that the Bee team has made progress in implementing the new node dashboard and feeding data into it. In addition, the entire client API was completed in December, the implementation of storage was stabilized, ledger logic was finalized, and tangle caching was made ready for use.

The other node software, Hornet, has received bug fixes as well as an implementation for dust protection. Among other things, the bug fixes have “significantly improved the confirmation rate in the Chrysalis test network.” In addition, audits of all components are currently a further focus.

With this in mind, the integration of Stronghold into the new wallet Firefly is currently being finalized in order to have a “comprehensive wallet audit” performed, which should begin in two weeks. Cech commented on the current status as follows:

A large part of the Chrysalis phase 2 effort is auditing the new functionality. We have started the audit on the protocol changes made to the node software. The wallet audit will also be happening in January.

Implementation of IOTA Coordicide as early as Q1

But not only Chrysalis Phase 2, but also Coordicide (IOTA 2.0) could appear within the next few weeks, at least in a testnet. As Angelo Capossele revealed via Discord, the “full Coordicide solution will be implemented by Q1. Of course, this is an estimate. It may happen sooner, or a little later,” said Capossele.

According to the Senior Research Scientist, the IOTA Foundation is currently following the following plan for implementation:

Our current plan is the following:

1. We need to finish refactoring the Tangle, its data flow, the Ledger state and the DAG branch manager. Then we can merge the Value Tangle with the Message Tangle.

2. After that we can finally integrate what we already have regarding Mana.

3. By that time, we should be ready to integrate the congestion control.

4. Somewhen in February we will integrate: Approval switch, Timestamp voting, epochs, approval weight and bind access mana with the congestion control.

5. Finally we will integrate Mana with FPC, dRNG, and then snapshots.

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