• Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson proposes to build community-controlled protocols to counteract “the monopoly” of Apple and Google.
  • Hoskinson emphasized that the crypto industry has the tools to build protocols to overcome censorship and create a “new way” to curate information.

As the Trump era nears its end, the transition of power in Washington has been tumultuous. The current president has made a series of speeches that have led to the suspension of his Twitter, Facebook and other major social networking accounts. Subsequently, Google has also removed the social network “Parler” from its platform for replicating the alleged message of “violence” from Trump and his supporters. Apple is now threatening to take the same action.

In the midst of this controversy, IOHK’s CEO and inventor of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, has spoken out against the “monopoly” apparently exercised by these companies. Hoskinson believes that these companies “abuse” their power. In response to a Reuters report, Hoskinson tweeted:

Thank you Apple for making cryptocurrencies even greater. Please continue to abuse your platform and Destroy free speech. I cannot wait to build open protocols that will eat your lunch.

Companies with billions of users like Apple, which have great influence on the economy because of their size, with shareholders and government business, cannot be treated like any other private company, according to the Cardano inventor. Hoskinson believes that information is the “oil of the 21st century” and therefore the progress of the world depends on no single entity having absolute control over it.

Collectively these massive platforms (Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, among others) have control over what you see, think, your expression or the lack of it (…) The reality is that these platforms must become protocols, I have always believed that. We couldn’t trust the government to control monetary policy, we can’t trust the Federal Reserve (…).

Cryptocurrencies are a response to people’s lack of trust in the legacy financial system. The industry has recently surpassed the trillion dollars in market capitalization. Hoskinson believes that in the next decade the industry will continue to grow because of the massive adoption by people seeking to create a counterweight to the centralization of government and corporate giants.

If they can’t be controlled and we can’t control them with the vote, our only nonviolent option is to opt out. That’s what we did with cryptocurrencies (…) Last year that truth was learned by millions of people around the world.

Cardano’s inventor: communities must have control

In that sense, Hoskinson believes that the technology behind cryptocurrencies should “extend to the new economy” and be part of the decentralization of information, the new unit of value in the creation of wealth in the current century.

Information must be liberated from the markets in which it exists and from the gate keepers within which it exists (…) We need to create protocols to help us ensure that we cannot be deplatform and censored. Particularly so that an ideology cannot manipulate the dialogue and prevent freedom of thought (…)

Hoskinson emphasized that the crypto industry has the tools to build protocols to overcome censorship and create a “new way” to curate information. One solution proposed by the inventor of Cardano is to allow users of a social network to do fact-checking with external providers by installing an application.

Thus, there would be an influx of “diverse” information, and users could choose or compare different points of view. In that sense, he again stressed that this power cannot be exercised by a centralized entity and opposed the return of a “modern dark age”. Hoskinson concluded:

It is better to take the risk of freedom than the security of a prison.

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