Web browser Opera has announced that it has fully integrated with blockchain domain name provider Unstoppable Domains on default. This means that millions of users will be able to seamlessly access the decentralized web.

By using Unstoppable Domains’ “.crypto” NFT addresses, users can now access decentralized websites that are hosted through IPFS — a protocol and peer-to-peer network for data storage and sharing — with the Opera browser. This feature is available on any platforms that support Opera, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux, and does not require installation.

“At Opera, we believe in giving all people the ability to access the full web, regardless of the technology behind it,” said Maciej Kocemba, the Product Director of Opera. “We have always supported web innovation, and the decentralized web or Web3 is the natural next wave. Making Unstoppable Domains accessible in the Opera browsers means our users can try blockchain technologies for themselves. Registering your .crypto domain, which is forever yours, is a great first step into Web3. It also gives people a chance to own an NFT.“

Now with over 320 million monthly users from all over the world, Opera implemented a crypto wallet feature on its browser in 2019.

Unstoppable Domains was launched in 2018, providing users with “.crypto” domain and other top-level domain names without charging them for renewal fees. Once the domain has been claimed, it will be minted as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, giving the user full control and ownership.

“.crypto” domain names also replace complicated wallet addresses for payments across more than 40 cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges; Users are no longer forced to enter lengthy IP addresses that are challenging to remember as they only need to type simplified addresses like “name.crypto”.

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