Hip-hop star, actor, and business magnate, Waka Flocka, has recently partnered up with NFT art platform, Satoshi Art. Waka and Stally of Satoshi Art are working together to launch an NFT platform that aims to help further the artists’ career.

After receiving a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, Waka is dedicated to giving the artists a unique identity and ownership over their catalogs and one-of-a-kind arts.

What Waka Flocka and Stally really want out of the business venture is to enlighten the public about NFTs and to provide a global platform for minority artists to earn profits by producing and selling digital unique art.

The diverse team behind Satoshi Art is made up of talented people from both worlds of art and finance. They provide the platform that enables artists from all over the globe to collaborate and exhibit their unique and irreplaceable digital artworks.

The entertainment industry has been lapping up the NFT craze, with big names like Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton and Young Jeezy hopping onto the bandwagon.

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By robert