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Many of us know Youtube. In fact, it is our favourite go-to place for recipes, education, sports, entertainment and a myriad of other content type. However, running a service like Youtube consumes valuable bandwidth and requires a vast infrastructure facilitated by Content Delivery Networks.

In other words, it is expensive to run a video streaming service.

Theta project aims to revolutionise the traditional video delivery service and the CDN market by offering what is known as the Decentralised Streaming Network (DSN). In fact, Theta technology is so unique that it had won three United States patents. The latest patent was awarded for “Methods and Systems for Peer Discovery in a Decentralised Data Streaming and Delivery Network”.

With rock solid patents under its belt, the Theta team is pushing ahead on making sure that Theta will one day become the new “Youtube” of the decentralised world.

Its decentralised nodes (responsible for last mile content delivery) have increased in numbers to more than 50,000 computers globally.

theta edge nodes

The map shows that Theta nodes have more or less covered most of the countries. So, anyone who is keen to try out the new DSN service can head to theta.TV.

Theta mainnet v3 is launching within the next two months. We should be expecting increased interest in this project as well. For now, Theta does looks strong in terms of service offering.


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