5A crypto exchange has established a 5 million USDT fund to support global users”during this challenging period in the crypto industry,” the company said Monday.

Earlier this month crypto exchange FTX filed for bankruptcy, triggering a domino effect across the already-troubled industry, prompting other firms to warn of worsening liquidity crunches. Therefore, 5A crypto exchange is trying to turn the industry tumult of the past few weeks into an opportunity. The crypto market has lost two-thirds of its value in a year and has been roiled by the collapse of large market participants.

The support fund, valued at $5 million, is available to help users regain their financial confidence following the collapse of FTX earlier.

Mike Zhang, the Deputy Chief Officer of 5A Crypto Exchange, says, “We have prepared a 5 million USDT Fund to help those innocent victims with different assistance. Moreover, we would like to take this initiative to deliver a message to the fearful market: 5A crypto and many other active builders are still working hard to cultivate the crypto world. During this dark time, we should join forces, help each other, and wait for dawn.”

About 5A Crypto Exchange

5A crypto exchange started out its journey in 2017 and quickly evolved into a well-reputed crypto exchange. 5A crypto exchange focuses on bringing a cutting-edge hub for facilitating safe trading services. 

Headquartered in Canada, 5A crypto exchange has successfully obtained MSB dual licenses in the United States and Canada to provide a wide range of services such as Spot Trading, Futures Trading, Options Trading, Cloud Mining, 5A Earning, Game-Fi Applications to users from all over the world. 


Media Contact:

Company Name: 5A Crypto Exchange

Contact Person: Justin

Email: justin@5a.com

Country: Canada

Website: https://www.5a.com

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